Stay while the going is good but gone when you got yours?

Owen at Boots and Sabers made a very short post about how he’d try to dodge state taxes if he won the Mega-Millions lottery, and I made this lil’ snarky remark:

Now that we know how you actually feel about the State of Wisconsin (I’m am SO outta here as soon as I hit it rich!!) your political stance & opinions regarding state elections makes a lot more sense.

While I agree that there should be some changes how taxes are enacted and used, there is no doubt that taxes are what makes a civilization “civilized” and I don’t think they should be abolished. Some states have higher taxes than others, but they also tend to have a much higher average standard of living as a result. That’s the trade-off. Of course, the average doesn’t apply to the mega-rich…they can live really well pretty much no matter where in America they decide to build a home.

So what happens is that some people are willing to reap all the benefits of a strong society…from good roads to top-notch teachers and everything else in-between…when they can’t pay for it all on their own, but they want to walk away from everyone else once they think they have enough riches piled-up for themselves. (For example, why worry about a good local police when you can hire your own security team? Some folks think there is no need for strong public schools ’cause their kids have a private tutor…but that’s a post in itself.)

Now, I ain’t saying every lottery winner has to stay in their current community. Rather it just strikes me as wrong to brag about how if you suddenly strike it rich you’re gonna leave the area solely ’cause you don’t wanna pay some taxes. Keep in mind that in this case, dude would still have over $300 million for himself after paying the state tax and it was “earned” via a lottery ticket. That tell me that he doesn’t really appreciate the services that the workers of this state provide…services that help make Wisconsin communities some of the best places to live, visit, and do business in…and hence my lil’ quip.

I admit my short response was a lil’ childish and perhaps uncalled for, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I’ll try to do better next time.


Updated: Click over to see a very interesting response that was given by a regular commentator named fact or opinion. He brings up such a logicial and solid argument that I ain’t exactly sure how one should respond to it….

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