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Althouse Boots and Sabers Caffeinated Politics

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How did I miss this before?

I had already seen a lot of these “50 Most Viral Videos of 2012” but this one was new to me and totally made me laugh: I also especially liked 49, 40, 39, 32, 23, 12, and 4 from the … Continue reading

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Stuff was said at Althouse FML Cognitive Dissidence Boots and Sabers

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Althouse Boots and Sabers Cognitive Dissidence  

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Happy soundcheck day!

You know: Check 1-2, 1-2, 1-2. heh    

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Owes tens-of-thousands, donates millions

This story is a good example of why the rules need to be drastically changed. A lawyer in Tennessee who is mysteriously linked to millions of dollars in campaign contributions steered to congressional candidates doubled his investments in the weeks before … Continue reading

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Badgers AND Packers!

Check out #5 and #10 on this list of “Biggest Homefield Advantage” Tho, I guess the title of this post kinda gave it away, eh?  

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Comments from last week

As usual, had something to say at Althouse. As well as Boots and Sabers. And Cognitive Dissidence. And even Huffington.

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The Man Who Sold the Moon

One of my favorite short stories becomes reality… So who do ya think the first folks to take a tourist-trip will be? I’m kinda hoping Trump will do it…mainly ’cause I wanna see how his comb-over holds up in zero-g.

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Badger not intimidating?!

The official symbol of the Wisconsin Army National Guard is a badger with Disney eyes that had its upper palate removed after springing a rusty bear trap outside of the Green Bay Country Club. It looks vaguely like Eddie Munster … Continue reading

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