Owes tens-of-thousands, donates millions

This story is a good example of why the rules need to be drastically changed.

A lawyer in Tennessee who is mysteriously linked to millions of dollars in campaign contributions steered to congressional candidates doubled his investments in the weeks before Election Day and quietly funneled $6.8 million more to a prominent tea party group, according to new financial statements filed with the government.

William Rose of Knoxville previously told The Associated Press that his business was a “family secret” and he was not obligated to disclose the origin of what now amounts to more than $12 million that he routed through two companies he recently created.

Specialty Group Inc., filed incorporation papers in September less than one week before it gave FreedomWorks several contributions worth between $125,000 and $1.5 million each. Specialty Group appeared to have no website describing its products or services. It was registered to a suburban Knoxville home.

Under U.S. law, corporations can give unlimited sums of money to outside groups supporting candidates, but not if their sole purpose is to make campaign contributions.

The source of the money linked to Rose is unclear. Rose identified himself as Specialty Group’s chief executive, president and general counsel, but there was no evidence that the company or Rose could afford to give away $12 million. County register records indicate a William S. Rose Jr. listed at one of Rose’s former addresses owes $69,881 in federal back taxes, which a county official said Friday hasn’t yet been settled. Property tax records show Rose’s current home is appraised at $634,000.

That last part is what really ticks me off. Dude owes almost $70k in back taxes, yet is able to donate $12million to political candidates. WTF is up with that?! He wants to be a major player in our country and have a lotta say in how it is ran, but he doesn’t wanna help pay for the infrastructure that makes it all happen.

What I’m really curious about tho….what kind of secret family business allows ya to raise that much cash in such a short amount of time?  No joke: can that really be done with anything ‘cept blow or heroin?


And just to set it straight: I see nothing that says this “tea party” group did anything wrong at all and this cussin’&fussin’ of mine has nothing to do with them. My beef is with William Rose himself, as well as with the laws that allow people like him to game our system.

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