The week in review

Watched America’s Got Talent and a few shows on Netflix. Saw a documentary about raccoons that kinda freaked me out…those lil’ varmits are smart, are clever, and are everywhere! Another documentary that was viewed was about the Ghost Army of WWII.  Started a convo about single issue voting and learned that while it is ok to call someone a “Democrat”, you damn well better not call their party that!! (And no, it still doesn’t make any sense to me.) Started re-reading an ol’ Heinlein classic. (Warning: If you haven’t read any of the Godfather of Science Fiction before then don’t start there. You should read…uhm..well, it’s kinda complicated where to start…this guy explains it pretty well.) Also spent far too much time playing a video game.

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And then there was one

Ate most of it, gave some away, and am finally down to one last chunk that’s going camping with me before the month is over…


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Big Bag o’ Cheese

The American Cheese Society just wrapped up their annual conference, and as usual they ended things with a cheese sale that benefits their education foundation. I told myself not to go crazy and only get a couple items, but they had a “Fill Up A Whole Bag For Just One Price” deal available, so it was pretty easy to go kinda crazy…


…and that’s not even all of it! Co-worker just wanted some curds and I had plenty of room in my bag for a couple bags of those. Plus the neighbors were sitting outside when I got home, so they got three bricks of some good stinky stuff before the loot even got inside for this picture.

Gonna be some good snacking for quite a while…..mmm!

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Shameless call for votes

If you want to share the horror&joy of my infamous sunburn picture with others, then please vote for this.


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Happy Birthday, America

Hate to admit it, but I’ve been kinda cynical the last couple 4th of July celebrations. I was raised on the beleif that the USofA is the greatest, but it seems that this whole country has become a lost less “great” the last few decades.

However, after watching one of my favorite shows for the past few weeks I’ve been renewed with some hope, filled with some optimism, and have been reminded that there is still a lot of greatness in America.

So, with that in mind, here are some of my favorite acts from this season’s edition of our country’s biggest talent show. These performances all brought a smile to my face and helped restore some of faith that has been lost. They are all everyday people, doing very special things.

Happy independence day, everyone. Now go do something independent.


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Goodies Box

So I signed up for this service a couple months ago where they send me a random box of “goodies” for ~$7 every month. Right after I quickly ate the first package (some really good bean chips, sweet&sour gummie worms, pumpkin seeds, and a couple other things) the thought popped into my mind “That was good enough to share!”

So here is this month’s shipment:


Some interesting looking stuff, no? I’ll update this post as each item gets eaten and let ya know how it is.



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