The past week

Of course I watched America’s Got Talent. Don’t mean to sound like I’m channeling Howie Mandel but this does seem to be the best season, just loaded with some great acts. It is gonna be rough to choose just one winner.

Also played some quizup, got one more best answer, had a few things to say over at Isthmus as well as a lil’ response* for a local rabble-rouser.


*page two of the comments, if you’re really interested. And of COURSE you’re interested, why else are you reading this? 😀
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Review of the previous week

Went to one of my favorite festivals, the Taste of Madison. Watched America’s Got Talent and am still in the middle of Scrubs. Was inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy to re-watch an ol’ sci-fi classic. Had a couple of my Yahoo Answers chosen as “Best“, and got myself involved in a discussion regarding firearms. And have been spending a lot of freetime on Quizup. Tho, it appears those banners are giving me more credit than due…those are state rankings, not world-wide. Ain’t that good…yet! 😀

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Last week

Not a really exciting week at all. Watched the latest round of America’s Got Talent. Still binge-watching Scrubs on Netflix. (It tickles me in an unusual way that a show would have both Dick Van Dyke and D. L. Hughley as guest stars on the same episode.) Spent some time with one of my favorite video games. Also recently started playing Quizup.

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Previously, in the last week…

Watched some shows on Netflix, and of course tuned in to this week’s America’s Got Talent. (Something about a live-broadcast that makes it extra-special) Saw an artsy porno and a couple documentaries, and went to the theater for a really good movie. Was amazed by the special effects and CGI in GotG…it truly looked really real, and is an all-around fun flick!

Got really happy that McDonald’s (don’t judge me!) brought back my favorite burger of theirs, the Cheddar Melt. Last time I ordered what was thought to be a Cheddar Melt turned out to instead be a cheap imitation….it made me kinda cranky.

But spent most of the week pondering who was more dumb, these guys or this guy? Still haven’t been able to figure that one out…don’t get me wrong, was kinda funny but talk about taking a risk!

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The week in review

Watched America’s Got Talent and a few shows on Netflix. Saw a documentary about raccoons that kinda freaked me out…those lil’ varmits are smart, are clever, and are everywhere! Another documentary that was viewed was about the Ghost Army of WWII.  Started a convo about single issue voting and learned that while it is ok to call someone a “Democrat”, you damn well better not call their party that!! (And no, it still doesn’t make any sense to me.) Started re-reading an ol’ Heinlein classic. (Warning: If you haven’t read any of the Godfather of Science Fiction before then don’t start there. You should read…uhm..well, it’s kinda complicated where to start…this guy explains it pretty well.) Also spent far too much time playing a video game.

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And then there was one

Ate most of it, gave some away, and am finally down to one last chunk that’s going camping with me before the month is over…


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Big Bag o’ Cheese

The American Cheese Society just wrapped up their annual conference, and as usual they ended things with a cheese sale that benefits their education foundation. I told myself not to go crazy and only get a couple items, but they had a “Fill Up A Whole Bag For Just One Price” deal available, so it was pretty easy to go kinda crazy…


…and that’s not even all of it! Co-worker just wanted some curds and I had plenty of room in my bag for a couple bags of those. Plus the neighbors were sitting outside when I got home, so they got three bricks of some good stinky stuff before the loot even got inside for this picture.

Gonna be some good snacking for quite a while…..mmm!

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Shameless call for votes

If you want to share the horror&joy of my infamous sunburn picture with others, then please vote for this.


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