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Last week

Not a really exciting week at all. Watched the latest round of America’s Got Talent. Still binge-watching Scrubs on Netflix. (It tickles me in an unusual way that a show would have both Dick Van Dyke and D. L. Hughley as … Continue reading

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Previously, in the last week…

Watched some shows on Netflix, and of course tuned in to this week’s America’s Got Talent. (Something about a live-broadcast that makes it extra-special) Saw an artsy porno and a couple documentaries, and went to the theater for a really good movie. Was amazed … Continue reading

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The week in review

Watched America’s Got Talent and a few shows on Netflix. Saw a documentary about raccoons that kinda freaked me out…those lil’ varmits are smart, are clever, and are everywhere! Another documentary that was viewed was about the Ghost Army of WWII. … Continue reading

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And then there was one

Ate most of it, gave some away, and am finally down to one last chunk that’s going camping with me before the month is over…

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