Ends justify the means?

Althouse links to an article about an Anti-WEAC billboard that just went up in Madison, and after reading the original article over at Isthmus I had this to say:

Kinda funny how the article points out that the quote on the billboard is made-up.

Kinda sad that very few…if any…of the Anti-Union crowd will even care about that

Those of us who read Althouse on a regular basis knows she has much disdain for “offensive” signs that she sees at protests & rallies and she speaks out against ’em quite often on her blog. So naturally I was really surprised to see she had NOTHING at all to say about the fact that the billboard she linked to is a made-up quote! Seriously, if you’re gonna get worked up ’cause someone got called a doo-doo-head then shouldn’t ya at least cry foul when the entire billboard is a lie?


And what does it say about our society that most people don’t care that the quote is a total lie as long as it helps serve their personal goals? To me, that is the real sad part….


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