Medical Marijuana in the Southland

An Ol’ Broad has a post about a medical marijuana law being considered in Tennessee, and she seemed to be of the belief that they are referring to some sort of pill or something rather than the “real NATURAL pot.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I had something to say in response:

I think there may be a misunderstanding. When lawmakers and other folks are talking about “medical marijuana” they aren’t talking about Marinol (a pill that is synthetic THC) or drugs like that,  but rather they are referring to the all natural herb that grows like a weed.

As for research from “legitimate doctors”, that is very difficult task. The Federal Gov’t classifies marijuana as a Level One Narcotic, making it illegal to prescribe under any condition and all-but-impossible for it to be used in research. (Consider that cocaine is a Level Two, which means it can be prescribed for medical use. That’s right…Uncle Sam says marijuana is more dangerous than cocaine!)

Unfortunately, this is one of the issues that the leadership of both the Democrats and the Republicans agree on, they just differ on the details: Repubs wants to lock pot smokers up in jail while Dems want to lock ’em up in hospitals.


I gotta say, it truly makes me smile to see a Bible-quoting great-grandmother explaining why medical marijuana should be legal….


EDITED: Corrected my post after finding out she ain’t just a grandmother, but rather a great-grandmother. But then again, ain’t all grandmothers “great”?  😉

She responded to my comment, and I had a follow-up to her response…click on over there to see it.




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