Arrrg Matey!

Saw me some pirate corn at the store today…

Pirate Corn

…and a special prize to the first person who can say, in the comments, why this is considered “pirate corn”.

Well, close ’nuff to pirate corn for me to call it pirate corn, tho some may say that technically it ain’t.
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5 Responses to Arrrg Matey!

  1. pSteve says:

    Good Sir Penquin…
    Since there are four pieces per package, and the price of said package is approximately four dollars, it is quite clear that this corn is a buck-an-eer

  2. shawn says:

    is it because it’s a buck an ear? (buccaneer?) if not i feel pretty silly right about now…

  3. penquin says:

    WootWoot! We got a pair of winners!

    Shawn – Your prize, a copy of “Weedstock Vol. 2”, will be delivered to ya at Cornstock.

    pSteve – Uhm..well…I’m gonna have to get a different prize for you. (Not that I don’t have extra copies of it, but I reckon that you do too!) Drop me an email if ya will (purplepenquin@yahoo) and we’ll figure something out. Tho with you getting ahold of me, it looks like I’m a winner too 😀

  4. shawn says:

    Looks like pSteve beat me to the answer-I swear that comment wasn’t there when I posted! Thanks for giving me a prize anyway 😉

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