“You want nutrition, eat carrots”

I love ice cream. I love it when a local business gets some national attention. And I also love that the Chocolate Shoppe actually has that printed not just on their delivery vans, but also on every carton (or at least, every one I’ve seen. And rest assured, it is an adequate sample size). Makes me chuckle every time. And luckily, the sweets & antiques store (yes, there is really such a thing tho it ain’t called that ) right around the corner keeps this delicious, creamy, oh-so-yummy, ice cream in stock. Pre-packaged pints and hand-dipped!

As a kid, I always felt like the only ice cream worth eating was regular chocolate but my tastes have matured as I’ve aged. Don’t get me wrong, it is still the go-to flavor and will always be number one….but now I’ll eat the whole carton rather than just 1/3 when Neapolitan is chosen as the flavor-of-the-week.



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