No need for BooBirds

Althouse posted a video about protesters attempting to disrupt the State of the State Speech, and I had this to say in the comments:

That was rude. Walker’s policies are vile enough – there is no need for people to act in such a boorish manner.


Some folks in the thread started discussing collective bargaining and I expressed my concerns about the loss of that right. One commentator was under the impression that meal breaks are covered by law, and this was my response:

No, breaks/meals are not a Federal law and yes an employer can do exactly that to an adult worker in Wisconsin. (The state does place limits on how long someone under 18 is allowed to go without a break)

I worked for a call center (taking reservations for a resort) about a decade ago when this issue came up. ’twas “busy season” and they decided to cancel all meals/breaks. It ended up not lasting too long ’cause most of the managers smoked so they would also let the smokers sign up to go outside one-at-a-time for “puff breaks”, and well…anyone who has worked in an office can picture the rest.


Another commentator said “The state, your employer, is not an evil “boss” requiring desperately hard and dangerous work for little pay.¬†And you know it” and this is my response to him:

Hopefully you know I never said they were evil.

I also hope you know that some managers may sometimes push the workers harder than they safely should. That doesn’t make ’em evil…sometimes they don’t know better, sometimes they are under their own pressures to get it done, and sometimes they are just being an a-hole.

But no, I am not saying nor even suggesting that the State, or any other employer I work for, is “evil”.


Original post and entire thread (including more witty and wise comments from yours truly!) is here.



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