What Happened – September 25

After the first enumeration required by the first article of the Constitution, there shall be one Representative for every thirty thousand, until the number shall amount to one hundred, after which the proportion shall be so regulated by Congress, that there shall be not less than one hundred Representatives, nor less than one Representative for every forty thousand persons, until the number of Representatives shall amount to two hundred; after which the proportion shall be so regulated by Congress, that there shall not be less than two hundred Representatives, nor more than one Representative for every fifty thousand persons.

It was on this day in 1789 that twelve amendments to the Constitution were passed by Congress. Ten of them were quickly approved by the States and become known as the Bill of Rights. One of them was ratified over 200 years later to become the 27th Amendment. The other (quoted above), which was actually the first one proposed by Congress,  has not been ratified by enough states to make it become part of the Constitution. However, there is no time limit for this process and it will become an amendment if 27 more states vote to approve it. If it was currently part of the Constitution, then the House of Representatives would now have 6175 members.


The earliest event that Wiki takes note of happening on this day is “275 – In Rome, (after the assassination of Aurelian), the Senate proclaims Marcus Claudius Tacitus Emperor” while the most recent is “2010 – Mahmoud Abbas speaks at United Nations General Assembly to request that Israel end its policy of building settlements in the West Bank.


A couple other things that also took place on this day are:

1970 – The first episode of The Partridge Family is broadcast.

1981 – Sandra Day O’Connor is sworn in as a Justice of the Supreme Court, becoming the first woman to be a member of that court.


Happy birthday to Emmy Clarke, Joel Moore, Clea DuVall, Hal Sparks, Will Smith, Scottie Pippen, Aida Turturro, Heather Locklear, Michael Madsen, Mark Hamill, Anson Williams, Cheryl Tiegs, Michael Douglas, and Barbara Walters.


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