Previously, in the last week…

Watched some shows on Netflix, and of course tuned in to this week’s America’s Got Talent. (Something about a live-broadcast that makes it extra-special) Saw an artsy porno and a couple documentaries, and went to the theater for a really good movie. Was amazed by the special effects and CGI in GotG…it truly looked really real, and is an all-around fun flick!

Got really happy that McDonald’s (don’t judge me!) brought back my favorite burger of theirs, the Cheddar Melt. Last time I ordered what was thought to be a Cheddar Melt turned out to instead be a cheap imitation….it made me kinda cranky.

But spent most of the week pondering who was more dumb, these guys or this guy? Still haven’t been able to figure that one out…don’t get me wrong, was kinda funny but talk about taking a risk!

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  1. Shawn says:

    I was all ready to say that the ‘bust a nut’ guys were definitely the kings of dumb, until I saw the 2nd video. Today I am sorry to say that I’d rather take my chances in the hood than with a cop.

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