Three Best Answers

If you knows me (and I’m pretty sure that all four of ya who are reading this do know me) then you knows I got answers. All kinds of answers. So many answers it ain’t fair that I keep ’em only for my friends. Which is why I started doing Yahoo Questions & Answers again. Someone asks something, ¬†other people answer and then folks vote on the best answer.

Anywhos…my answers to these three questions got voted “best”. (And yes, I’m still calling myself a “winner” even if it was just one vote!):

Q: Would a woman who is an 8-10 in appearances go for a divorced guy?
Q: How many people actually enjoy their job?
Q: How do I use separate hard drives?


Click the answers button up top to see my (sometimes serious, sometimes not) answers to these…and other…questions.


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