This past week in the comments.

This week I posted on Caffeinated Politics, Dane101, and Althouse. Lots at Althouse.

Some of the Althouse stuff is just the usual drama that goes on over there, but there are some worthwhile discussions about the blown calls during the Packer/Seattle game; if allowing collective bargaining is akin to being anally raped or not (even if the agreement is good for the taxpayer); how the replacement refs have shown that workers may not be the “replaceable part” that some folks claim they are; if there is an ethical difference between saying what your taxes actually are and making sure later that they actually end up being what you said they were earlier; if the gov’t has the constitutional authority to pay for national monuments; how some white folks think the only reason they can’t get a full-time job is because of Affirmative Action; as well as some comments about medical marijuana.


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