Twenty One and all in the front.

A buddy of mine and I went to Great America yesterday and that is how many times we rode a thrill ride. And yes, they were all in the front seat! The hot weather made for a smaller-than-usual crowd, and we also had the Flash Passes which greatly reduced the wait time. We both ended up setting a new personal record for number of rides ridden in one day, and would have been able to get a couple more in if we hadn’t went back to the car to eat and/or some of the rides hadn’t had a temporary breakdown. (Both the Eagle and Superman had to shut down right when we got to the front of the line, but opened up later.)

For the coaster geeks enthusiasts, here is the whole breakdown:

All in all a GREAT day! Next summer I’m going to have to finally make the trip to Cedar Point. Anyone else wanna go with?  😉
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