Actual numbers – not a polling sample

Althouse has a post about an attack ad against Tom Barrett, who is running for Governor in the upcoming recall election. One of the commentators in the thread said “Walker will win the recall election“, and I responded with this:

I’ve been worried that might happen.

But then I noticed that slightly over 785,000 voters turned out for the Republican Presidential Primary yesterday, while the number of verified signatures on the recall petitions against Walker was around 900,000



Of course I know there probably are some Walker supporters who didn’t vote yesterday; but there are also some people who voted in the Republican primary that ain’t gonna for vote for Walker. And while not everyone who signed that recall petition is automatically gonna vote against our current Governor, over fifteen thousand almost 150,000 votes is a pretty large spread for him to overcome, no?

Yeah, I’m a little lot less worried now.


UPDATED: For those who like exact numbers and sources:

Votes cast in GOP Primary – 785,163.

Number of signatures verified by the Government Accountability Board – over 931,000.

So I not only left off 30,000 signatures (pulled the original figure from memory), I also did some bad math…like 100,000 worth of bad math.

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