Where would you have stood back then?

Althouse made a post about violence in other civilizations, and someone replied with “On the face if it, sounds like a metaphor for mob psychology. Very current events, if you ask me.” I replied with the following:


Or not-as-current events as well. Some people seem to forget that our county was founded on terrorism and violent revolution.

Speaking of…lots of folks say that they can no longer support teachers, firefighters, police officers, etc, simply because of the “violent” way some of ’em have been protesting at the Capitol. Would it then be logical to think that those same people would have been Tories during the Revolutionary War? After all the Sons of Liberty did a lot more than just chant slogans and hold up signs.

Keep in mind that the actual Boston Tea Party caused far more property damage than the protesters did at the State Capitol…safe to assume that today’s Tea Party members (if they were around at the time) would have looked at the events of Dec 16 1773 and decided they were siding with England because of those actions?

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