Fix your own house first

Althouse had a post about how Republicans in WI aren’t too excited about the Presidential race, but rather they are focused on the upcoming recall elections. Of course, the thread tangented off a bit and someone in the thread asked why people from “right to work” states would care about what happens here, and another commentator replied with “Because we’re the ones who will have to bail you out when your clusterfuck of Union Nirvana goes off the cliff“, resulting in this response from me:

Actually, if you look at how much money is sent to DC and compare how much flows back to each state it seems that Wisconsin has been bailing out the rest of the country for quite a while now.

(On the other hand, Virginia receives the most Federal $$$ per citizen and it is also one of the strongest “right to work” states in the country.)

I’m curious, Fen – which state do you live in? Since you’ve brought it up I’m wondering if we’ve been bailing you out or not….

Seriously, I’m sick & tired of people from out-of-state attacking the workers of Wisconsin and it is even worse if it is coming from a citizen of a state who is taking more than they are giving.

Don’t be badmouthing my state if we’ve been carrying your lame ass all this time…and the odds are pretty good that we have been.

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