Double Standard?

Caffeinated Politics has a post about how the Republicans in Wisconsin plan on running “fake” candadiates in the upcoming Democratic Primaries for the recall elections, and I had this to say about it:

Just to clear up what the WI-GOP seems to be saying:

Recall elections = anti-democracy and a waste of money
Running fake candidates in a primary = good idea and good use of taxpayer dollars

I can’t help put wonder…will the signatures on the nomination papers for these fake candidates be available to the public? After all, don’t we deserve to know which of our neighbors are helping commit this kind of fraud and deceit?


Seriously – they are whining about how much these elections are gonna cost the taxpayers, and yet they choose to double that expense just so their guys have more time to raise more money for the general election. And if that ain’t bad enough, they’ll defend their hypocrisy with a straight face.

Shame on them….and shame on anyone who votes for those scoundrels.


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