Write-in Walker?

WisConserve (which has been on hiatus for the past few months) was the latest blog that is urging other Republicans to write-in Scott Walker for the Democratic primary, with the hope of having him being able to avoid having to face the voters in a general election.

I had this to say in the comments:


A) Welcome back!

B) Slimy tactics like this are yet another reason why the state should get totally and utterly out of primary elections…let each political party find their own way to choose who should represent ’em on the ticket.

C) State law won’t allow what you want to happen (Walker vs Walker in the General election) to actually occur. But don’t let that stop ya’ll from writing him in anyways…seeing how much of his hard-core base will most likely be taking part in this write-in campaign, it’ll be interesting to see how many votes Walker does get in the DemPrimary.

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