Real Names

Brenda Konkel has been talking a lot lately about the way local media allows comments on their webpages, and she is pushing for them to require users to log in with their “real name.” While I totally understand where she is coming from, I still had this to say in response to a post she made at Forward Lookout:

How do we determine if a name is considered “real” or not? ’cause the best way for me personally to be¬†anonymous would be to¬†post under the name my parents gave me….most, if not all, of the people I know (at work and at play) truly do call me “Penquin”


My comment is based on real-life experiences. I never hear “Saw you in the paper” from my pals and co-workers when I have a letter-to-the-editor published (in fact, a buddy once started quoting a letter he had read on the editorial page, not knowing it was written by me!), but I get all kinds of responses from pals whenever an internet comment from moi is published in the physical-newspaper. (This is my recent comment that got ink.)


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