Is there a problem with saying “ok”?

Althouse asked Is that the way people talk to each other in the military now? after she read an article about the Army attempting to encourage the troops to eat more healthy foods, and I had this to say:


Well, sure…”there is a problem”, “ok”, and “good to go” are all things we said when I was in the military…and that was way back in the previous century. I still use those phrases a lot today.

In fact, they trained us to tell someone that they are going to be “ok” when we start to give first aid to ’em. The Drill Sgts made it very clear (and yes, those guys have a unique way of “making things clear”) that we were NOT to say “all right” or anything else…that “ok” was the only acceptable phrase to use. The reason why is ’cause it is a universal phrase, and other NATO troops would still know what we’re talking about when we say “You’re gonna be ok”….which you always say to someone who has been hurt, even if (especially if!) they ain’t ok at all.


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2 Responses to Is there a problem with saying “ok”?

  1. AllenS says:

    What branch of service were you with? Did you have an MOS? What years?

    • penquin says:

      I joined the Army National Guard in the late 80’s as an infantryman (11-Bravo), but transferred to the US Navy after a couple years. My last assignment for the Navy was as a Human Research Volunteer while stationed in New Orleans, but that’s a tale for a whole ‘nother post.

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