“Ignore the public comments”

That is what the GOP leadership in Wisconsin told the members of their party while the issue of re-districting was being discussed. (Yes, that is a direct quote.)

Public hearings were being held but it appears that the WI-GOP was only going through the motions…their mind was made up and apparently nothing the public had to say was going to change it. And if that wasn’t bad enough the Republicans were also told by their leadership, in an unprecedented move, that they had to sign an oath of secrecy in order to even look at the maps that had been drawn up. The WI-GOP tried to hide these..and other…documents & emails from the public’s eye, but a Federal judge recently ordered that they be released. (The lawyers for theĀ RepublicansĀ also had to pay a fine due to their earlier refusal to release the documents to the courts.)


Rest of the story is here


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