Mandatory draft?

Althouse had a post about the idea of a national service program, and I had this (and a few other things as well) to say in the comments:


If we could re-boot our country then I would lean towards a “Gotta serve if you wanna vote!” type of set-up that RAH espoused upon.

As it stands now, I think a draft…as vile as it may seem to some…would be in the best interests of our country for several reasons. We’re in deep doo-doo right now, and I don’t agree with my favorite author that we should just let our country swirl down the drain.

It wouldn’t have to be full-time; people could serve in the Guard or Active Reserves. I also wouldn’t want heavy punishments for failure-to-serve, but it should be a felony. Why should you be allowed all the rights that a country works to protect if you don’t want to take part in protecting the country?

(And before anyone asks, I joined the Nat’l Guard when I was 17 and earned my blue cord before my 18th b-day. A few years later I wanted to go fulltime, and enlisted in the Navy.)


Original post and entire thread can be found here.

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