What Happened – June 29

It was on this day in 1956 that President Eisenhower signed a bill into law that created the United States Interstate Highway System. He had first envisioned a better highway system across America when, as an officer in the Army, he took part in military convoy that traveled from Washington DC to San Francisco. That trip, which took place in 1919, was hindered by washed-out roads and broken bridges.  After the highways were completed the transcontinental road-trip that took two months was completed in two weeks.

The earliest event that Wiki says happened on this day is “226 – Cao Pi dies after an illness; his son Cao Rui succeeds him as emperor of the Kingdom of Wei” while the most recent is “2007 – Two car bombs are found at Piccadilly Circus, in the heart of London.

A few other things that also took place on this day are:

1974 – Mikhail Baryshnikov, on tour in Canada, defects from the Soviet Union.

1995 – The Space Shuttle Atlantis connects with the Russian space station Mir, creating the largest man-made object in outer space.

2006 – US Supreme Court rules that it is illegal for Guantanamo Bay detainees to be tried in a military tribunal.

Happy birthday to Colin Hay, Richard Lewis, Fred Grandy, Don Dokken, Michael Carter, and Gary Busey.


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