What Happened – June 23

It was in this day in 1926 that the Scholastic Aptitude Test exam was given for the first time. Over 8,000 students wishing to get into college took the test at over 300 different locations. Made up of 315 questions about various different subjects, the participants  had only 90 minutes to complete it. Now known as the SAT Reasoning Test, it is used by most colleges and universities in the US to determine if an applicant is qualified for admission.

The first thing that Wiki says happened on this day is “79 – Titus succeeds his father Vespasian as the tenth Roman Emperor” and the most recent is “1998 – Paul Reitsma resigns his seat in the British Columbia legislature; the first elected politician in the British Commonwealth to be removed from office by legally-binding petition.

A few other things that also happened are:

1868 – Patent issued for the first typewriter.

1993 – Lorena Bobbitt cuts off her husband’s penis.

Slices of birthday cake go out to Robert Brooks, Randy Jackson, Clarence Thomas, Myles Goodwyn, and Robert Hunter.

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2 Responses to What Happened – June 23

  1. WisConserve says:

    Happy Birthday to Robert Brooks! He was one hell of a wide receiver!

  2. Kim.Sunderlage@yahoo.com says:

    “1993 – Lorena Bobbitt cuts off her husband’s penis.”
    The act was both successful and unsuccessful, in that order.

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