The Weedstock CD Series
Volume 1
Free the Herb
The Dave Pankin Band Up Around The Corner
Headpump Xyxxoxx
The Crew Jam Melting Point 420 Farenheit
Drum Circle Drum Circle
Baked Potato Anger
The Your Mom Glass
Bongzilla Smoke
El Donk Smoke On The Compound
Las Toallitas As Above
Bradley Fish's Aquarium Conspiracy Blinded By The Media
The Hanah Jon Taylor Artet Mystic:As A Child
ST-37 Hallo Hero
The Outside Orchestra Talkin' In Tongues
The Electric Medicine & Friends Sound Collage/C.I.A. Jam
Groove Union Freakshow
Volume 2
Get Off The Fence
Entrance Welcome to Weedstock
Bradley Fish & Friends Old MacDonald
Bradley Fish & Friends NorthCentral IL Narcotics Task Force Blues
Natty Nation Glorify Rastafari/I Love Marijuana
Boney Fingers Kind Factory
David Peel Hippy From New York City
Smoked Fish Lobotomy
The Hanah Jon Taylor Artet The Out There Factor
Cognitive Dissonance Underground
Dave Rovics Robbing Banks
The Your Mom SRO Joy to the World/Net Girl
Bongzilla Grog Lady
The Electric Medicine & Friends Funeral for the Electric Policeman
Exit Have a Great Trip!
Volume 3
Get Your Bag Out
David Rovics Deadhead in prison
Biff 'n' Blunt Opps, she slipped & fell onto my penis
Cold Fusion Rami
Soul Food The Flavor
Los Marijuanos Such a good feeling
SYS Lost Cause
Bongzilla H.P. Kiefmaker
Psychobabble The Schedule/Shroom Man
the Outside Orchestra Peace
the Hanah Jon Taylor Artet All About Freedom
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