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Medical Marijuana in the Southland

An Ol’ Broad has a post about a medical marijuana law being considered in Tennessee, and she seemed to be of the belief that they are referring to some sort of pill or something rather than the “real NATURAL pot.” Anyone who knows me knows that … Continue reading

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Can’t get change by voting for the same ol’ same ol’

Alternate Brain posted a link about organizations that lobby in favor of the War on Drugs as well as an excellent editorial cartoon regarding medical marijuana, and it prompted this remark from me: Unfortunately, this seems to be one of the … Continue reading

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What Happened – June 6

“The whole family is welcome, regardless of how noisy the children are.” With that as a motto, the first drive-in theater opened on this day in 1933. Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr. had been working on the concept for almost a year … Continue reading

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OdamaAdmin clarifies stance

Based on what President Obama said prior to being elected as well as a 2009 memo released by his administration, a lot of folks are under the illusion that the Federal Gov’t no longer goes after medical marijuana patients and … Continue reading

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