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How can they ban a plant?

It is funny ’cause it is true… …but of course, it is also sad ’cause it is true.  

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Right-wing preacher says “legalize” but left-wing blogger says “no way”

Caffeinated Politics has a post about Pat Robertson being wrong to say that marijuana should be legalized, and I had this to say in response: Just curious…do you think we should ban booze again? I’m also curious to know what “modifications” do … Continue reading

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War on Drugs Update

Just say “Know” Ron Paul says the War on Drugs is a failure. (Of course, he has been saying that for quite a long time.) The ObamaAdmin says the War on Drugs is working. (And it looks like they are … Continue reading

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Regulate it like Wine

Even tho this is a California initiative, the basic message is just as true in every other state. More information is available here.    

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What Happened – June 17

Calling it “public enemy number one“, it was on this day in 1971 that President Nixon declared the War on Drugs.  The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act had been passed the year before, and Nixon intended to implement it in force. Marijuana was the main … Continue reading

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