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as seen on Isthmus

Regarding new mandates for Abortion Clinics in Wisconsin: If it was truly about protecting health and safety then the law would also apply to dentist’s offices.

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Much better than the actual debate

This is far-far more entertaining than that mess of a “debate” last nite… …and is that really someone wearing a penguin suit at 1m26s, ¬†or am I just seeing what I wanna see?  

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Three Stickers – One Truck

Driving home from work today I was behind a pick-up truck that had three different stickers on it. I really wish the picture I took with my (cheap) cellphone turned out better, ’cause then that would save me ~1000 words … Continue reading

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“Ignore the public comments”

That is what the GOP leadership in Wisconsin told the members of their party while the issue of re-districting was being discussed. (Yes, that is a direct quote.) Public hearings were being held but it appears that the WI-GOP was … Continue reading

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Wreck of the Brothers Fitzgerald

“Does anyone know where the decency goes, when you beat up on teachers and nurses?”

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