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as seen on Isthmus…

…legalization of marijuana was being discussed, and I had this to say: The marijuana issue is one of the main reasons I’ve lost so much respect for the Democratic Party and it’s affiliated state/local parties in the last couple decades. … Continue reading

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TV News Team parked outside my house!!

Granted, they are probably just getting some footage of the parade two blocks away…but it still startled me at first. Paranioa or just a bad conscious? Most likely┬áboth…

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See what started growing in my backyard!

Yum Yum! Before he passed away, I mentioned to my grandfather that it would be nice to have berry bushes in my backyard and was planning on planting some. He told me to put up some bird feeders instead, and … Continue reading

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And then there was one

Ate most of it, gave some away, and am finally down to one last chunk that’s going camping with me before the month is over…

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Big Bag o’ Cheese

The American Cheese Society just wrapped up their annual conference, and as usual they ended things with a cheese sale that benefits their education foundation. I told myself not to go crazy and only get a couple items, but they … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, America

Hate to admit it, but I’ve been kinda cynical the last couple 4th of July celebrations. I was raised on the beleif that the USofA is the greatest, but it seems that this whole country has become a lost less … Continue reading

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Goodies Box

So I signed up for this service a couple months ago where they send me a random box of “goodies” for ~$7 every month. Right after I quickly ate the first package (some really good bean chips, sweet&sour gummie worms, … Continue reading

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Arrrg Matey!

Saw me some pirate corn at the store today… …and a special prize to the first person who can say, in the comments, why this is considered “pirate corn”. Well, close ’nuff to pirate corn for me to call it … Continue reading

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“You want nutrition, eat carrots”

I love ice cream. I love it when a local business gets some national attention. And I also love that the Chocolate Shoppe actually has that printed not just on their delivery vans, but also on every carton (or at … Continue reading

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Mistake handled with class

HUGE mistake on first day of work. Accidentally cussing on TV ain’t really a new thing, but what really captured my attention while reading his tweets on Buzzfeed is how classy the guy handled the aftermath. ┬áNo excuses, no complaining, … Continue reading

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