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Arrrg Matey!

Saw me some pirate corn at the store today… …and a special prize to the first person who can say, in the comments, why this is considered “pirate corn”. Well, close ’nuff to pirate corn for me to call it … Continue reading

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“You want nutrition, eat carrots”

I love ice cream. I love it when a local business gets some national attention. And I also love that the Chocolate Shoppe actually has that printed not just on their delivery vans, but also on every carton (or at … Continue reading

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Pays to know Wisconsin geography

Usually I just speak gibberish when the need to pretend to not speak the same language as someone else arises….(and yeah, that happens a  lot more than you’d think it does)…but this idea is even better. Lodi Algoma! Omro Wausau Manawa! is … Continue reading

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Mistake handled with class

HUGE mistake on first day of work. Accidentally cussing on TV ain’t really a new thing, but what really captured my attention while reading his tweets on Buzzfeed is how classy the guy handled the aftermath.  No excuses, no complaining, … Continue reading

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I don’t usually buy pieces of art…

…but when I do, it usually looks something like this. And I also don’t usually buy gimmicky kitchen appliances, but I couldn’t resist this one. Gonna put some pre-cooked bacon, shredded cheese, and salsa on a tortilla shell, plop those … Continue reading

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A Poppin’s Penguin

Penquin pushing a penguin?! Ahhhh…the magic of theater!

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tickle, tickle, tickle!

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I do what I want…

…when I want. Tho, I don’t want to do everything the folks in the video wanted to do…. h/t to Failblog, tho it is totally a win.

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Two of my favorite things

Star Wars AND School House Rock?! Yeah!!* His parody of CHiPs is pretty funny too….if you’re into this sort of stuff. If ya ain’t, then don’t fret…I’ll have a more serious post up soon. *yes, that’s an interjection. h/t to … Continue reading

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My, my, MY!

  Drew Carey would be so proud.

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