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Red in the morning…

..sailors take warning.

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Now THIS is Spring!

Yes, that is the same Bleeding Heart Bush that was shown in a previous post…

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Fuzzy and his new toy

Mom opened up a Beanie Baby (lil’ doggie, of course), added a couple pinches of catnip, and re-sewed it up. The cat has been huggin’ it all day  

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Two different views of UW Band Show

At the show… …and on the out.  

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Springtime in Wisconsin

  My poor lil’ bush doesn’t know what to do.

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Gooooood morning

One of the perks about working third shift is that you’re usually happy to see the sun coming up..  

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Happy Thanksgiving

Was craving the leftovers, so I made an entire meal with all the trimmings just for me.

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Learned which of the movable walls at work are capable of causing damage…always an important thing to know.

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Trick or treat!

I’ll be sleeping when the kiddies in costumes come around, (3rd shift job) so this guy is taking care of candy-duties for me… Directly across from him is an old TV, hence the remote. Hope your Halloween is spooky!!   … Continue reading

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Fire trucks showed up at work today…

…but luckily there was no fire.

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