“It was a dark and stormy night…”

(side note: I first learned of that cliched line from reading Peanuts, but that’s a tale for another time)

Hail and wind woke me up around 4ish this morning. Was confused at first why the sun was up so early, but then realized it was continuous lightening. Decided it be best to have clothes on in case the roof came off, so I got dressed and went downstairs. Storm calmed down a bit just as I got a couple texts from some buddies asking if I was ok.  Which I was, and am.

My house nor yard wasn’t touched, but the neighbors to either side of me look like this:20150713_064316


Other parts of town got it a lot worse…



…lots of folks, as close as three doors down from me, are without power…



…but so far, all reports indicate there are no injuries or deaths.


Unless there are Treants in this town…then they took one heck of a beating.




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