“23 Executive Orders?!?! = Dictator!”

An ol’ buddy of mine recently made that statement on his blog, but unfortunately he doesn’t allow* isn’t set up for commenting there so I’m responding here.

I ain’t an Obama fan at all, but I am a fan of truth. As much as I like the number “23” (’tis one of my top 5 favorite numbers!), our President has actually signed (as of last Oct) 139 executive orders. While that may make it sound worse, the fact is that Bush signed 160 in the same time period and Clinton signed 364. And it ain’t just them: Reagan signed a total of 381 executive orders, and Truman signed 907.


Basically, if Obama is actually a dictator because of these actions, then he ain’t the first one in the US…nor the worst.


*ADDED LATER: Re-reading this, it looks as if I’m saying that my pal is actively prohibiting comments on his page, and that ain’t the case at all. Rather, he doesn’t use blogging software to blog with and thus isn’t set-up for commenting.

Jeff did add in my words on his page, as a response. ’cause, as he just told me in an email…”Let’s use free speech while we still have it.”

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