You’re fired because I don’t like your politics

Boots and Sabers has a post about a Wisconsin company that is disciplining some of their employees because the workers signed the petition to recall Gov. Walker. Someone wrote “A reporter signs a recall petition? Fine, but he should also face the consequences for doing so, and that includes losing his job—a job that he does not have a right to hold”, and I responded with this:

With that in mind, would it also be acceptable for a company to fire an employee for NOT signing the recall petition?

Ya’ll are opening a HUGE cans of worms with this one…

Kinda funny how the same crowd that is pushing for the “right to work” laws in Wisconsin are now saying that there isn’t a right to work at all, but rather they beleive you can be fired for disagreeing with your bosses political opinion….even if you don’t voice your own opinion while at the job!

I haven’t heard of anyone being disciplined for not signing the recall petition…so far it appears that only one side of this issue is behaving as such.

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