Three Stickers – One Truck

Driving home from work today I was behind a pick-up truck that had three different stickers on it. I really wish the picture I took with my (cheap) cellphone turned out better, ’cause then that would save me ~1000 words by just posting that. (Tho I’m pretty sure I can share this in less than 140 words.)

The truck had an old/faded “NRA Member For Life” sticker on it, right next to another one for the US Marine Corps. Nothing too unusual there. But the third sticker, which looked much newer than the other two, simply said “Recall Walker.”

Think about that for a second. How much more “right wing” can you get than a Leatherneck that is also a member of the NRA? Yet he is publicly¬†urging others to recall our sitting¬†Governor.

Interesting times, no?

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