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Madison Politiscope, a blog hosted at the Capital Times, had a post in regards to another website (Politico) being very upset about President Obama making a speech with a local union’s flag flying behind him. Funny thing about the whole thing…it was actually the Wisconsin State flag and after the website realized their mistake they totally scrubbed it off of their page, but not before others had taken screen shots of the rant.

I tried to think of a humorous joke about “out of state agitators not even knowing what our flag looks like!” to put into the thread, but I made this comment instead:

Talking about this situation while at work today (and by talking about it, I mean “laughing”) among my co-workers, we couldn’t help but notice that Gov. Walker had been speaking on stage while the same exact flag was behind him (something I’m sure he’s done many times in the past year). Yet we never-ever heard Politico complaining about that “union flag” behind him.

So not only is Politico dumb, they are also hypocrites….


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