If you’ve been showing up every day just to see what happened on this day, well…I’m sorry. As much as I enjoy learning more about history (and yes, I picked up a lot of info for my useless-trivia-file) it started feeling too much like a chore. I originally started making the daily postings because I wanted to write something…anything…every day, just so the pattern of regular writing could be developed. Perhaps next year I’ll pick up where I left off, but for now the webpage¬†will be taking a bit of a¬†narcissistic turn. You can look forward to seeing videos that make me smile, jokes that make me laugh, and sometimes just plain old ramblin’ from me. Might end up getting a tad more political than it has been, and it may even go into the religious and spiritual…so don’t say you weren’t warned. But for now, I think I’ll just start with comments I’ve made on other blogs.



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